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In The River Valley With Roxanna Froese

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In The River Valley With Roxanna Froese

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If you’re not familiar with Roxanna Froese, you will be very soon. Born in Abbotsford and raised in Chilliwack, Roxanna is the creative photographer behind the up and coming Instagram feed ‘In The River Valley‘. Started over a year ago, Roxanna’s feed is quickly getting noticed, not only by the Fraser Valley community, but adventure seekers and nature lovers around the world.

As you scroll through Roxanna’s Instagram feed, you’ll discover a collection of breathtaking photos often taken atop a mountain, as Roxanna and her family explore the valley and beyond. Her family includes her husband Ryan and their four young children, 8-year old Lincoln, 6-year-old Seth, 4-year-old Jake and 2-year old Ruby. She first started In The River Valley with hopes of inspiring others to go outdoors and get connected to nature and to show that families can take their kids exploring in the outdoors. “Having kids doesn’t mean you have to stay home and watch TV,” Roxanna shares, “kids can go outdoors and hike, they can do more than people expect.”

Roxanna’s love for the outdoors started as a young child, with family time often spent at Radar Lake in Woodinville, Washington. Reflecting on her biggest inspiration in getting outdoors, she references her high school fitness teacher, Mr. Fitz. “I met him one day hiking at Mount Cheam with his three little boys,” Roxanna remembers, “I was struggling on the hike, and thought, ‘one day, I’m going to hike with three little boys’, it’s possible.”

In high school, Roxanna also discovered her passion for photography. “I was given a camera by my aunt in grade 12,” Roxanna shares, “I realized our school had a photography program and ended up dropping another course to take the program.” A photographer by trade, Roxanna spent the past ten years focusing on portrait photography before creating In The River Valley. Those beautiful photos you see on her feed are indeed taken by Roxanna with a DSLR camera.

And just how much time does the family spend outside? In the summer, it’s five days a week. “We do lots of canoeing, we like to get the kids on the water,” Roxanna tells us, “we like hiking, camping and exploring. I’m also getting into mountaineering without the kids.” As for her favourite spots to hike locally in Chilliwack, Roxanna lists Elk Thurston Trail, Baby Munday Trail and Mount MacFarlane Trail. Her and Ryan recently travelled to Kaua’i Hawaii and trekked the Kalalau Trail, a hike that’s referenced as one of the top in the world by Lonely Planet.

What’s next for Roxanna and In The River Valley? A blog by the same name is in the works, sharing more photos from the hikes and trip reports and gear reviews. And of course, more outdoor adventures – follow Roxanna on Instagram and don’t forget to go outside yourself and explore!

Photo Credit: Tanya Goehring, Post Photography


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