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Cupcakes & Other Good Stuff With Heather & Lori

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Cupcakes & Other Good Stuff With Heather & Lori

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Whenever Heather White and Lori Joyce visit the Cupcakes store at Highstreet, there’s a lot of fan fare. The founders of the bakery chain are familiar faces, growing the business for the past 14 years and sharing their lives on the W Network Series ‘The Cupcakes Girls’ over three seasons.

The first store opened on Denman Street near Vancouver’s English Bay. The pretty cupcakes at the pastel pink shop quickly became an essential for birthdays, weddings, baby showers and anytime someone needed a treat. “Our biggest milestone was getting through year one,” Heather reflects. “I love how we started as one store and one product,” Lori adds, “but now it’s time to take it to the next level and we’ve decided to build on the first brand.”

If you stroll by the flagship store on Robson and Thurlow in downtown Vancouver, you’ll notice it’s now called ‘Cupcakes & Other Good Stuff’. “After 14 years, it was time,” Heather tells us, “We wanted to expand and become a dessert destination. It’s where you go when you have a sweet tooth.” “Heather and I have grown up,” Lori chimes in, “it’s a modern version of where we are today.”

The other good stuff includes the duo’s Betterwith egg-based custard style ice cream, which launched this summer. “Since we started, people assumed we were an ice cream parlour,” Lori explains, “and cupcakes are better with ice cream. In the beginning, we thought we would do ice cream with cupcake flavours, but we decided that classics pair really nicely with our different cupcakes.” Those flavours include cream, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, caramel and coffee.

With no preservatives, the ice cream is all-natural with five ingredients, four of them being the base, and the fifth being the flavour. “Heather and I are Moms now,” Lori tells us, “we’ve always wanted to create products that we felt good feeding our kids. We’re all about celebration, giving the kids cake and ice cream, but making it the best for our families.” The ice cream is being served at the flagship store but will soon roll out to the other locations, as they undergo the ‘Cupcakes & Other Good Stuff’ transformation.

We have a good feeling that Heather and Lori’s enthusiastic fans will be excited about the changes, fans that are never hesitant to stop the duo on the street. “I was walking down the street in Kitsilano,” Heather shares, “and people would pull over their cars to talk to me and my Dad (who also appeared on The Cupcake Girls)”. “It’s funny thing how comfortable our fans are with us, they tell us ‘you’re much skinnier in real life’ – we get that all the time,” Lori laughs.

Heather and Lori’s success have no doubt inspired others. Heather’s advice to those who are aspiring to start their own business, “take that quantum leap with both feet and don’t look back, once you go, run with it!”

Photo Credit: Tanya Goehring, Post Photography



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