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At The Beach For The Holidays With Tracey Ayton

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At The Beach For The Holidays With Tracey Ayton

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Even before we stepped into photographer Tracey Ayton’s Boundary Bay beach house, we felt like we already knew her. Tracey’s photographs of stunning home interiors and seasonal décor have been favourites of ours. On her feed, you’ll see peeks of the two-bedroom home she shares with her husband of 14 years Jay and 3-year old Italian pointer Frankie, short for Francesca. The couple moved into the home about a year and a half ago, after spending eight months renovating it into a ‘forever home’. Located just steps away from Centennial Beach, Tracey can often be found strolling with Frankie on an evening walk.

Reflecting on her photography career, Tracey shares where it all started. “I was taking a graphic design program and I was failing miserably,” Tracey explains, “an instructor saw me struggling and suggested photography – you have a creative mind, you just can’t get it down on paper.” This began Tracey’s 12-year career shooting weddings, during that time she also worked at a retail photo department. In 2006, Tracey decided to make a shift, “I had always been interested in interior design and I asked myself – ‘why am I not shooting interiors’?

To get started, Tracey would need to build her portfolio, and that began with a few brave knocks on the door. “I knocked on three doors,” Tracey shares, “I’d always loved these homes in my neighbourhood. Funny enough, all three homes knew me from the photo department. They allowed me into their beautiful homes to shoot and all three have since been published.” Starting a blog to showcase her work and cold calling magazines she admired, ignited Tracey’s new path. “If I didn’t blog, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” Tracey admits, “things really took off in 2008.” Since then, Tracey who shoots four days a week, has been published countless times in Western Living, Style at Home, House and Home and Gray Magazine. “I love what I do, creating and capturing that photo,” Tracey adds, “and working with talented people.”

Another growing passion of Tracey’s is her talent for styling, as we see inside her warm beachy home as she prepares for the holidays. Festive vignettes are seen throughout, from the grand laurel wreath above the sofa to the hot chocolate corner on her kitchen countertop and the sentimental black and white photos that sit in a dainty dish, including a photograph of her parent’s first Christmas together.

Tracey’s holiday style is simple, but meaningful. A cake that Tracey prepared is decorated with tiny trees and a mini station turquoise wagon. “My parents had a station wagon in the 1970’s,” Tracey remembers, “we’d pile into this turquoise station wagon and go get our tree.” Memories continue to be made each year with family. “No matter where we celebrate, our family is always together,” Tracey smiles.

Photo Credit: Tanya Goehring, Post Photography


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