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Be Mine, Valentine

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Be Mine, Valentine

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Nestled in the North Shore community of Deep Cove is the home that Natalie Bjordal moved into this past April, a home that holds many fond memories. With a breathtaking view of the Cove and marina, the newly renovated four-bedroom home is where Natalie grew up. Recently passed on to her from her mother, the home is now a place for new memories with her husband Jason, daughter Penny and Golden Retriever Luna.


In the past few years, the busy stay-at-home Mom has parlayed her love for DIY projects into a career as a stylist. From decorating a rustic wedding to styling product for a housewares catalogue to creating a custom life size paper flower installation for a Mother’s Day event. Creativity started early on in childhood. Natalie tells us, “We did something creative every day. Drawing, playing with clay – my mother instilled that in us (Natalie and her two sisters, Ania and Elena) when we were little.” It’s no surprise that all three sisters are excelling in their respected creative fields. Older sister Ania runs an eco-salon on the bottom floor of the home, while younger sister Elena is a stylist in Toronto who also paints watercolour portraits for dog lovers.


With a daughter who’s nearing her second birthday, Natalie hopes that Penny grows-up with a good imagination. The mother and daughter team spend lots of time outdoors, painting (Penny current obsession is painting sticks and rocks) and playing with Play-Doh. “I love reliving my childhood with her,” Natalie adds, “she finds excitement in the simplest things.”


Living in Deep Cove provides ample inspiration for Natalie, “I think a lot when I go for walks or runs, that’s where I get most of my ideas.” Her personal projects at the moment centre around the home they’ve lived in for just under a year. “We do a lot of Ikea hacks and I’m obsessed with light fixtures right now. My next project is a pendant lamp suspended above the room. I’m using an old wire basket I found at my cabin as a shade, I spray painted a black cord and I am adding antique light bulbs to it.”


Reusing materials, vintage finds and bringing nature indoors are all elements of Natalie’s style and can be seen throughout the home. From the vintage wooden dining table, to pieces of beautiful driftwood that adorn the fireplace mantle, to the mini-upright piano that Penny plays with – a thrift store find. Perhaps the most surprising repurposed pieces in the home are the stove and countertops found in the bright and airy kitchen. It’s the most popular room in the house, where family and friends like to congregate. Natalie’s father, who worked in the restaurant industry, purchased the stove and old butcher block from an Arby’s fast food restaurant. A fact you’d only know if you were told the story.


We asked Natalie to show us a fun craft to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Penny sat down with her to create rustic arrows, perfect for a brunch or dinner table setting. Follow the steps below and enjoy!


• Small straight sticks
• Acrylic craft paint in Valentine’s Day colours like white, pink and flamingo pink
• Leather scraps
• Feathers
• Craft tags
• Twine
• Scissors
• Hot glue gun


1. Collect sticks from outside. Let them dry out.
2. Paint the sticks. Any pattern desired. Let them dry.
3. Cut symmetrical triangles from pieces of leather.
4. Line up and fuse two triangles together to one end of the stick with a hot glue gun.
5. Glue feathers at the opposite end of the stick.
6. Write name on tag and tie tag on stick with twine.
7. Add arrow to any table setting.


Photos by Tanya Goehring.


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