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At Home With Corinne Kepper

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At Home With Corinne Kepper

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Nestled in the heart of Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood with the beach just a few short blocks away is the home of Retail and Marketing expert, Corinne Kepper, her husband Richard Wittstock and their two children. The family built this dream home, a beautiful 3,200 square foot four bedroom residence five years ago. Corinne always knew that her childhood best friend, Jennifer Gannon of Gannon Ross Designs would be the Interior Designer to help them bring their creative vision to life.


Corinne and Jennifer first connected as fourth graders in Maui, when their two families met for the first time and realized the two would be attending the same North Vancouver school in the fall. Corinne remembers fondly, “on that first day in September, Jen and her Mom were waiting for me outside of school.” Since then, the two have been inseparable, embarking on countless adventures. From attending Rastafari festivals with their parents as children, to spending days flipping through pages of Teen Beat and Seventeen, to overseas trips to Europe. Vacations together now include their daughters, who’ve become good friends themselves. The friendships in the family have spanned three generations, Corinne and Jen’s moms were also friends for 30 years.


The design process for the home began with Corinne and Richard sharing inspirational photos and magazine pages with their friend Jen. “This was pre-Pinterest,” Corinne laughs, “Jen helped us make the home functional, some of the ideas we had were beautiful, but not functional.” “They wanted it to be really bright and fresh with a little bit of a traditional twist,” Jen describes the home’s aesthetic. That aesthetic can be seen throughout, from the marble floors and textured marble mosaic backsplash in the all-white kitchen to the frameless shower in the grand master bath to the home’s big windows and skylights.


When asked about her favourite room in the home, Corinne is quick to tell us it’s the bright open kitchen where she loves to cook. At one point, Corinne even considered leaving her corporate career to attend culinary school. Her go-to-dishes? A prawn taco salad and mango chicken lettuce wraps. One of the fondest memories in this room include her recent 40th birthday party – a sparkling jewel themed party, with Corinne planning the food and wine and Jen helping with the décor. “I still go in the kitchen and remember how fun that night was,” Corinne smiles, that night included 40 close friends dancing the night away till 2am.


Throughout the inviting home, handmade artwork lines the walls and shelves. “My daughter and I have art mornings,” Corinne shares, “we find pictures on Pinterest and just freestyle off that. You can see the masterpieces around the house.” An incredibly creative little girl, we spied sidewalk chalk art lining the sidewalk leading up to the home and noticed a tabletop in her room overflowing with mini Lego buildings, perhaps inspired by her father, Richard, who’s a developer.


And Corinne’s Highstreet connection? “I’ve known Tanya for more than a decade,” Corinne shares with us, in reference to Highstreet’s Marketing Director Tanya Curtis. The two reconnected when Tanya first joined the Highstreet team. With over eight years of experience in the fashion retail space, Corinne has and continues to be a respected industry resource to Tanya.


Photo Credit: Tanya Goehring


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