Outdoor Boot Camp With Steve Nash

March 8 - October 25   |  10:30AM  - 11:30AM
A one hour group fitness class presented by Steve Nash Fitness with interval training and traditional body weight exercises More


January 2 - December 18   |  9:30AM  - 10:30AM
Join master storytellers from Play Abby on a themed and interactive journey of crafts and fun with your little ones. More

Make + Take with Three Corners Artisan

May 31   |  7:00PM  - 9:00PM
Highstreet has partnered with Three Corners Artisan to host a pottery workshop led by Aleena Webber on May 31. More

Make + Take with K’Pure Naturals

June 14   |  7:00PM  - 9:00PM
Highstreet has partnered with K'Pure Naturals to host a workshop led by Karen Johnson on June 14. More

Make + Take with Joy Kinna Painting

July 26   |  7:00PM  - 9:00PM
Highstreet and Joy Kinna have partnered to host a painting workshop on July 26. More

Make + Take with Saige & Skye

August 23   |  6:30PM  - 9:00PM
Highstreet and JoLynn VanDam have partnered to host an indigo dying workshop on August 23. More